Intrigued by Essential Oils

Perhaps you have been intrigued when you have heard people talking about “essential oils”, but don’t understand what they actually are, where they come from or how to use them safely.

Throughout history and in every civilization around the World, essential oils have been used for cooking, perfume, beauty aids, massage, aroma therapy and many types of medicinal purposes.

Nature offers these amazing healing gifts found inside all plants that can be used to help heal the body, clean homes, uplift a spirit and enhance the flavor of any food.

Essential oils are much more potent than dried herbs.

When you use essential oils, they often yield faster, longer lasting results when used as natural remedies for health challenges than if you used dried herbs. A single drop contains a very potent distillation of each plant’s healing energies.

All plants contain complex and powerful substances that we have defined as “essential oils”.

Each has one, or more, specific properties that can be used for various purposes to live a more naturally healthy life.
These distinctive components are referred to as the “essence” of the plant and they determine its aroma.
Some of these essential oils are easier to distill and access than others. Aromatic liquids can be derived from different parts of a variety of types of plants.

A distillation process is used to distill essential oils using flowers, trees bark or resin, roots, bushes or shrubs and seeds. Different companies use numerous methods of the distillation process. Different methods will create much more pure oils than others. Modern research shows that 100% pure essential oils can provide many natural health benefits for humans and animals experiencing health challenges or just want to enjoy a more natural way of living.

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